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Principal Message

Campus Public School, Rajendra Agricultural University, Pusa, Samastipur (Bihar) has been one of the renowned schools in Bihar since 1986 having all the essentials of an educational management institution. We need to make our educational system more proactive than reactive by using and applying principles & techniques of management. The school serves the purpose of uplift, growth and development of the individuals and through them the society or the nation as a whole. The glaring qualities of faculties at CPS are their qualification, good teaching, organization & administration, dynamic leadership good personality, sound judgement, social nature, self confidence and honesty.
Students at CPS are active participants in various co-curricular activities. Discipline is divine. Every member of CPS family has to maintain discipline in school and supervise the students behaviour, their regularity, punctuality, corporate life.
In a nutshell, the school aims to provide the training of mind and attitudes formation of right habits and infect development of character in such a way as students confirm to the idea of democracy socialism and secularism. The individuality and freedom of a child is recognized in this school with a sole purpose of making them self disciplined. We endeavour whole heartedly to provide them a cheerful &affectionate environment to achieve the perfect goal.  
‘Come to learn and learn to serve ’ 


Mrs. Ruma