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Age Spcific Mission The Teaching


At primary level (7 to 11 age group) the objective to be achieved will be the 3 Rs. (Reading, writing and Arithmetic) and ultimately, Literacy, Numeracy and Technocracy. Children must be able to communicate easily with others through proper articulated speech and writing, have ability in the four fundamental numerical operations, develop a spirit of enquiry and appreciate science and technology in life around themselves. Respect for national values, democratic process, dignity of labour and concern for others will be other acquisitions. They will develop a habit of cleanliness & an exquisite taste for the surroundings .

At the 11 to 14 stage, when the child becomes adolescent, the school will try to prepare him adequately to face life and develop the right attitude for productive work. He will learn Social Science, Life Science and Computer fundamentals as well as develop a habit of reading and appreciating literature. In science and mathematics, students will develop competence to apply their knowledge to the solution of the problems around .

The school will try to make learning a pleasant and meaningful experience to the child. Science laboratories are fully equipped with all modern apparatus and children are encouraged to experiment and learn by Actual Doing .